A2G (Air to Ground) Gear is a veteran owned-and-operated company focussed on delivering the tools and knowledge to conduct air to ground shooting operations.

With decades of experience as feral pest contractors, A2G is committed to meeting the needs of professionals operating in the air to ground environment.  We are proudly Australian, working relentlessly to protect threatened native animals and fauna, and reduce the impact of invasive species

Whether you are a military/law enforcement operator or aerial contract shooter, we can provide the tools and training you need.  As the exclusive distributors of both Commercial and Military Specification hardware, we sell what we use.  A2G Gear are early adoptors of new technologies and work with our clients to ensure every advantage is available to our customers. If you have a need that requires a solution, A2G will work with you to meet your requirements.

If you’d like to know more, please reach out via the form below or send us an email info@a2ggear.com.au