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Career Progression

Growth and Development

None of our people stand still, and there’s no such thing as waiting in line for your turn. You will enjoy the opportunity to move up, as soon as you show you are ready! 

You will progress both professionally and financially because our Barber Development programme is designed to slingshot you towards your long term career goals. 

Some of the career opportunities you have to look forward to include:

  • Barber level promotions - with increasing pay bands and benefits. 
  • Senior and Master Barber, and Team Leader Store Manager and Store Owner pathways
  • BarberShopCo Ambassador-  at internal and external events and promotional activities 
  • Private Barber positions
  • Creative Team positions
  • Training/Technical advisory positions
  • International travel for workshops, events and specialist training
  • Invitation to the Leadership and Management Development programme
  • Access to the BarberShopCo Store Owner Internship programme to prepare for store ownership positions.  

It means you can start ticking off your achievements from day one knowing that they are adding to your progression and that is counts towards something significant.

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